Zhuoling Zhou

Penultimate student @ UNSW | Software Engineer


<About />

Hey there! I'm Zhou, a tech-savvy software engineer driven by my love for exploring cutting-edge technologies. Fresh out of the University of New South Wales with a BSc in Computer Science, I'm now taking my education to the next level with a standalone honours degree program.

Building products that make a difference in people's lives is my ultimate goal. I'm always on the hunt for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. With so many amazing projects I want to tackle, I'd love to collaborate with others to bring our shared visions to life. If you're looking for a partner to turn your ideas into realities, let's connect and create something truly awesome!

Interests: Front-end developement, competitive programming.

Currently learning: Rust, C++

<Projects />

Linkup Events Tracker v2

A dedicated event tracker for events at UNSW. Browse upcoming events from 150+ societies, all in one place. Built with TypeScript, React, Python, Flask, PostgreSQL and hosted on AWS.


Arc Clubs Search Interface

Collaborated with Arc to create a user interface for exploring over 300+ clubs, societies and community programs at UNSW. Built with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, React and utilised Algolia to implement search.


CSESoc Projects Subcommittee - Slackbot

Worked in a team of four to create and develop several features for a community slackbot using Python and MySQL.


Linkup Events Tracker Classic

The original Linkup website which was built at the end of 2019 when the team were still in our first year.



A simple Python package for scraping events from facebook using Selenium. This module can be used to extract event details from a given facebook event link or retrieve a list of events from a facebook page url.


Stock Portfolio Management System

A stock portfolio management system aimed to enable newer investors to organise and track their stocks so that they are better informed, with the abilty to share your portfolio with other people and generate tax reports.


Notion Stopwatch

A modified Notion stopwatch widget that more closely matches the behaviour of the google search stopwatch feature. Includes background and text colour customisation.


Loop Mania - Java based RPG game

Created a game with gameplay similar to Loop Hero, developed in Java for the Object-Oriented Design & Programming course. A major project over 7 weeks within a team of five which achieved a final mark of 99.6/100

Source code avaliable on request

Personal Website (WIP)

A personal webite to showcase projects and practice frontend development. Created using TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Next.js, with plans to integrate next-auth, Prisma, PostgreSQL and tRPC in the future.


CSESoc Course List

Built an accessible and responsive interface to view all possible courses chats in the CSESoc discord server the user can join. Improves on the previous implementation by adding missing courses and interactivity.


<Get in touch />

I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow. Want to have a quick chat or grab a coffee? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, send me an email or contact me via the form. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sydney, NSW